20 Minutes of Promotion to Create Your Success

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I have days where I promote in various ways for hours; anywhere from five to eight hours depending on what I am doing. You have to promote a lot in order to create your success. It’s not fun, at least to me, but it is necessary. Because I’m still learning how to promote for success, I do these promotion days at least a few times a month. However, I also take 20 minutes 4 or 5 days a week to promote. These smaller periods of time help me to spread out the promotional tasks. This is a huge help for me given I don’t always have a lot of time.

What do I do in that twenty minutes? Any number of things, really. I promote this site, my blogs, and my ebooks. Here is an example of what I do, though it varies by day.

  1. Promote this site to Twitter and StumbleUpon.
  2. Promote my fiction blog to FaceBook and Google+.
  3. Create a Milestone for my Facebook page.
  4. Spend 5 minutes on a social media platform, liking, commenting on, and sharing posts by others.
  5. Write a quick newsletter for the fiction blog to remind readers about the latest ebook, and to share links to my latest blog posts.

Theses activities don’t take much time now, but I had to spend a little time setting them up. How did I do this?

  1. I created graphics using Canva.com to promote my blogs, site, and newsletter. These I saved to my downloads so I can quickly access them.
  2. I use MailChimp for my newsletters. It allows me to replicate an old Newsletter so I can just go in and change the message and links real quick. These templates allow me to more quickly get a newsletter out to my readers.

TIP: My biggest tip if you want to be successful, what I have found to be a huge time saver, is to create graphics you can reuse and templates you can change as necessary.





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