Journaling for Success

Journaling is one of the most therapeutic things I do, along with yoga and meditation. I love to write longhand, and journaling gives me a way to do that. It also helps me to express feelings about so many things, … Continued

Create a Morning Routine for Success

Morning routines help you to prepare for your day. Done right, they are an opportunity for you to do something good for yourself each morning in order to more successfully accomplish tasks later on in the day. If you are … Continued

Things Change, for Success

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Sometimes it’s necessary to let go of things in order to be successful in business and in life. We don’t always want to, and it may not be easy, but doing so will help us along our path to success … Continued

Do Something for You Every Day to be Successful

Taking care of yourself is one aspect of having a successful life. Yes, sometimes it really is about you! As it should be. Once children are old enough to entertain themselves for more than five minutes at a time, you … Continued

Holidays Off = More Success

Recently we discussed how taking a personal day every so often will help you to build success for your business. The same is true for taking other times off. For instance, taking a break from business at the holidays will … Continued

Pampering Yourself = More Success

Okay ladies! Let me just say that the single most important thing we can do if we want to be successful is to take care of ourselves. That means eating healthy (at least most of the time!), working fitness into … Continued

Personal Days = More Success

When I opened my planner to this week, a note indicating I needed some time off was right there for me to see. A reminder for me to schedule myself a personal day. I took a look at the next … Continued

Living the New Chapter along Your Path to Success + Worksheets + Projects

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In this third and final part of the Your Chapter success series, we are going to take action! Are you ready for this? With all the reflecting and planning you’ve done to set yourself up for an easy/ier first few weeks of your new chapter, you are ready to get started. Where to begin?

The First Issue of Notes from Shannon is Available!

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I recently added a newsletter sign-up graphic to the site for Notes from Shannon. It’s on the right, where it can easily be accessed. I’m so excited to share the newsletter with you, and wanted to offer you the opportunity to read an issue before signing up so you can get a sense for what it is going to be about.

What is the Next Chapter along Your Path to Success? + Worksheets + A Project

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In this second part of the Your Chapter success series, we are going to consider what the next chapter along our paths to success might look like. We aren’t starting the next chapter yet, but we are starting to think … Continued

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