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Believe (In Myself) + A Project

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I was over on She’s Got Clients, reading about Christine Gallagher’s word of the year. She’s been doing these since 2011, and has inspired me to do the same for almost as long. Her word for this year is a wonderful one. Head on over and read about it.

I thought about what my word for 2018 would be for over a month, wondering what I would choose and why. In the past I’ve used such words/phrases as Be Creative, Courage, Organize, Prepare, and Simplify. Each of these has aided me in working on something that previously had not been working for me, and helped me to successfully get to where I am today.


Be Creative


I’m a creative person by nature, loving to write and even do crafts, but I was neglecting my passion for writing fiction a few years back. Instead I was only writing nonfiction, and missing out on truly being the creative person I need to be. I buckled down and did a good deal of fiction writing that year, and started to get some older stories edited.

Since then, I’ve published 13 short stories! Four of them are a series I lovingly call the #CampSeries. And I’m on track for publishing 11 more this year.




Sometimes we let fear, nervousness, or even a lack of trust in ourselves, to guide what we do. This can happen to anyone. When I wanted to publish my first series, I was scared that they wouldn’t sell well, that people wouldn’t like them. This fear led me to procrastinate like you wouldn’t believe. I used (the continued) learning about self-publishing as an excuse not to publish yet, even though I wasn’t learning too much more than I had in the beginning.

I finally decided to have the courage to publish the #CampSeries, and am so happy I did. The series is part of a larger one called Tales from the Mountain, that will be added to over time; sometimes with series of four or five stories, other times with singles. But they are all based on the same mountain theme.

I’m not saying it wasn’t difficult; it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It took me months to complete this project, once I finally had the courage to set my mind to it. Months where my anxiety was through the roof some days. Months where there was also excitement, though. And now I crave this excitement.

For me, having courage didn’t mean that everything was easy. It meant that I had what it took to get through the process of creating something I am now so proud of.




I’m hopelessly unorganized. That’s what I believed for years, but I’m now learning differently. Last year in particular I started to organize myself and my writing better, creating a few processes, organizing my desk, and keeping better track of blog post numbers and such. I kept up with just about everything I organized, and am only letting a couple of things go because they aren’t working for me. Not too bad, if I do say so myself. I’m pretty proud of myself for accomplishing all of this, and even have a few things I’m going to work on organizing this year, for both my writing and my home.

I’ll be sharing more about this here on the site, over time, so watch for some upcoming posts.




The year I worked on being better prepared was a big one as well. At the time I was was still trying to get used to balancing my writing with my job at the inn, and I knew I really needed to prepare myself for the busy season there. During those months, I wouldn’t have much time to sit and write, so I had to prepare in advance.

To do this, I wrote many posts and newsletters in advance, editing them and scheduling each to post on the dates I needed them to go live. It was a lot of work, but I pulled it off – for the most part. I learned a lot during that planning period. Many of those lessons I still use when preparing not to do as many writing related tasks during the holidays.




The year I simplified was one of my favorites. I made my surroundings more pleasing, for more concentration, by better organizing the stuff I had in that area. Less clutter meant I was able to get more done, because I wasn’t always thinking about how messy things looked and what I would have to do to tidy it all up. I found ways to batch like tasks that meant I spent less time overall on many projects, and I eliminated tasks and processes that just weren’t working for me. There was less chaos, which freed up time for me to think about what I really wanted. I was able to get my priorities straight.




This is where I’m at; working on my belief in myself and my ability to do what I want. I need to believe that I can do this, that I can move into the next phase if my writing and do well enough to be successful in my own eyes.

I believe I can do this! That I can achieve my dreams. I believe in myself, and my ability to be successful – whatever that may mean to me at any given time. I believe in my ability to get things done. I believe I’ll acquire the means to have what I want. I believe in me!

What do you believe in?

Whatever word or phrase Christine inspires you to choose and work toward will help you to create the success that you so desire and deserve, just as she inspires me to do each year.

Success is what we all want, after all – to be successful in what is important to us, be it career, family, home, or something else.

Word or Phrase of the Year Project

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