Promote Your Business for Success

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There are a good many ways to promote your business. I gave you a few ideas for how to do this in my short post 20 Minutes of Promotion to Create Your Success. There are many other ways to do … Continued

Success – It’s not About Perfection

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Thank goodness! I am not a perfect person, but I still have a desire for success. How about you? I do make mistakes, as we all do, but I’m not willing to ruin an entire day worrying about what I … Continued

Should I Keep My Day Job?

At some point when building your own business, you have to ask “Is it time to give up my day job?”. How you answer this question will depend on a number of factors, such as: Do you have at least … Continued

Reassess Goals or Change Direction for Success

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June is the mid-year mark and a great time to reassess our goals. Our success depends on what we do at this time. (Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten to this point yet, just make note of what to do … Continued

Combining Family & Business

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed when working from home. Between work, housekeeping, the noise, and all that our family adds to our day, we may not be able to concentrate well. To be successful, we need to have some amount of … Continued

Mixing Home & Business for Success

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Are you working from home? Preparing to? It’s completely possible to create and run a successful business from home, in an organized way, so that your work stuff and your home stuff aren’t always getting in the way of each … Continued

A Financials Journal – For Creating Your Success

I’ve mentioned before that I started a Financials Journal this year. It’s a journal in which I record weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financial information, as well as explore my past, present, and (possible) future financial things. I decided to … Continued

My Personal Business Meeting & Journal

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I’ve mentioned recently about the business meetings I hold with myself, and the journal I have for this purpose. Along with my planner and project journals, this meeting journal helps me to get things done! Success cannot happen if you … Continued

20 Minutes of Promotion to Create Your Success

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I have days where I promote in various ways for hours; anywhere from five to eight hours depending on what I am doing. You have to promote a lot in order to create your success. It’s not fun, at least … Continued

Schedule A Planner Day

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Each year, in either October or November, I order a new planner. I scour websites looking for the one that I believe will help me get through the coming year. Usually, I am wrong about the planner and most of … Continued

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