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Create a Morning Routine for Success

Morning routines help you to prepare for your day. Done right, they are an opportunity for you to do something good for yourself each morning in order to more successfully accomplish tasks later on in the day. If you are taking slow mornings, for instance, you won’t feel so rushed. Yes, you may have to work a little longer in the afternoon. But that is because you took the time you needed to get ready to face the day. On the flip side, taking that time in the morning may make you more productive during the day so that you get done at your normal time anyway.

I have different morning routines according to what is happening each day, but I live for the day when I can have the same routine pretty much every day. How about you?

Sunday mornings are always rushed. My “day job” is at an inn, and I have the same schedule most of the time.

3PM-11PM Thursday through Saturday

7AM-11PM Sunday

After work on Saturday night I go home, shower, and try to relax enough to get to sleep by 12:30, with alarms set for 5:00, 5:15, and 5:30. (Am I the only one who needs three alarms when I have to be up early?) I leave my house at 5:45 to 5:50 each morning, so I have only fifteen or twenty minutes to get myself out the door. Before going to bed Saturday night, I lay out my clothes, make sure any meals I need are packed, and be sure that my tote bag holds any of my own writing and other projects I will work on during my downtime at the inn.

That morning’s routine is rushed, and I am pretty much on auto-pilot the whole time. Once I get to work at just after 6:00, I’m able to have breakfast and relax for a bit before work. Most of the time.

Thursday through Saturday is different. I sleep until about 9:30, watch an episode of whatever show I am addicted to at that time while having breakfast, and then get ready for work. If it’s my errand day, I leave between 11:00 and 12:00. If not, I do a couple of quick chores, do a couple of writing related tasks, and just hang out until 1:00 when I leave for work.

I have Monday through Wednesday off from my “day job”, so I sleep until I wake up on my own, or a rude neighbor starts slamming doors. If I’m going to Aroma Joe’s on a day off, I will watch an episode of a show while getting myself ready for the day, make my bed, and pack my backpack with my laptop and other necessities for a few hours. I then head up the road, order my breakfast and tea, and clear email and other messages until I’m done eating. At that point I get down to work. What I do depends on the projects I’m working on, but typically I’ll write for a couple of hours or work on other writing related tasks.

When I don’t go to Aroma Joe’s on my day off, I do things a bit slower: Wake up slowly, meditate, yoga or stretching, breakfast and tea, a little reading, and maybe some journaling. Then I get to work on something writing related.

My favorite morning routines come on my days off. <3

My future goals for morning routines are a little different. In my dream world, I don’t have a “day job”. Rather, I’m writing and helping people full-time. And I get slow mornings every single day. I have my own home away from close neighbors, and I get to sit outside in a quiet spot to enjoy my reading and journaling, and my breakfast and tea. We all gotta have dreams. They are what keep us going.

What does your morning routine look like? Do you need to switch things up a bit? If so, get my list of possibilities here.

Created by Shannon L. Buck via February 25, 2018.

Happy Success!



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