Decorating Fun for Success + A Project!

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I don’t think success is meant to be a strictly serious affair. Yes, there are times throughout each day when we get down to serious business, but there also has to be an element of fun. At least for me. How about you?

I like to decorate my ‘office’ area for each season. Doing so helps me to keep an air of fun around me at all times. Let’s face it, sometimes we all get stressed; overwhelmed. Taking a minute to sit back and see all the prettiness around me helps to calm my overwhelm and helps me to get back on track.

Decorating your desk and area need not be an elaborate affair. A simple grouping at the corner of your desk or on a windowsill will work well.

As you can see, there are a number of options.



Add a decoration or two to a plant that is already taking up residence in your work area. I have two that I added decorations to this year.

The raven has a pick that I push down into the soil of my spider plant, and the scarecrow just sits on top of the pothos.

It doesn’t take much to make a small area look nice during a specific season or holiday.

Not long ago, I received a Craft Block by Hy-Lite to integrate into my decorating, and I decided to use it for my Thanksgiving desk display. I tried filling it with a couple of different mediums, and wanted to share the result with you.



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What is a Craft Block?

It is a clear, fillable block, with an opening at the top. You can fill the block with different things, as long as they can fit into the hole at the top, which is 1 1/2 inches and comes with a rubber seal. These blocks can be used to decorate for any occasion, including Yule, Christmas, summer, wedding and baby showers, and birthdays. The dimensions are 8″x8″x3″, and can hold any number of mediums from garlands to sand. They are durable and look like they will last through years of change-ups. One thing I especially love about the Craft Blocks is that they are made right here in the United States if America.

I tried two mediums. The first was a string of autumn leaf garland, which came out very easily when I decided to switch it up. I’m starting to add an ‘aged’ look to my Thanksgiving theme, which is going well with all the bright gorgeous colors I’ve already implemented. I’d spent most of the year drying all the flowers I had received, and wanted to fill my color block with them. It worked out wonderfully!

As you can see in the feature photo at the above this article, I like to decorate in more than just small groupings. I did my desk top, as well as the plants.

  1. The first grouping includes a photograph of me and my grandson. A second scarecrow sits on a little bale of hay with a pumpkin placed in front of it. There are some flowers and a pumpkin on the other side of the picture as well.
  2. I have three candle holders of varying heights, with inserts, that I reuse year round for different seasonal displays on the desk. Inside I’ve placed dried flowers. There is a wooden pumpkin in front and some brightly colored flowers.
  3. In this picture you can see that those flowers are in a small metal vase, that I am actually reusing from the bouquet my daughter Skye and her boyfriend Ryan gave me at the Fourth of July. You also see the Craft Block filled with dried flowers, and a vase behind that filled with a colorful day lily, two silk black roses, and dried flowers. I like the way this display turned out.
  4. This grouping of canning jars holds battery operated ‘candles’, and comes in a wooden holder with a spray of berries. My mom gave this to me last Christmas, and it makes its way around my place in different decorative themes. For Thanksgiving, I added some autumn-themed garland.

As you can see, I like to reuse all I can from season-to-season and year-to-year. I have little space. And, I like to live on the frugal side. These will not break the bank. One block is $15.00, and can be used over and over again. Right now, on their website, Hy-Lite is offering free shipping.

Scrapped Pumpkins for the Craft Block



ColorBok Seeing Dots Cardstock scraps – orange

ColorBok Jewel Dots Cardstock scraps – orange, green

white glue

EK Success themed stickers – Vellum Maple Leaves

EK Success themed stickers – Sunflower Vellum


dried flowers

Hy-Lite Craft Clock


*NOTE: The sizes of the pumpkins you make will depend on your own desires. I did mine free-hand, but you could also use a template.


  1. Remove the rubber seal from the Hy-Lite Craft Block and fill the block with dried flowers, then replace the seal.
  2. Fold a scrap of Seeing Dots orange cardstock in half, colored side in. Trace half a pumpkin onto the white side, so that when you unfold it you will have a whole pumpkin.
  3. Do the same for the Jewel Dots orange cardstock.
  4. Cut two stems from the Jewel Dots green cardstock.
  5. Glue the stems to the pumpkins.
  6. Glue the two pumpkins together, the top one to the side of the first pumpkin, as shown in the picture.
  7. Add a few stickers in a pleasing way to each pumpkin.
  8. Tape the pumpkin cutout design to the front of the Craft Block, in whatever location will look best with your own display.
  9. Place the Craft Block where you want to display it, and a pinecone to the top to cover the seal.

There you have it. An easy decoration using the Craft Block and some scraps from your scrapbooking hobby.

What creations can you come up with using the Craft Block? I’d sure like to see them. You can show them here, or send them to me at Feel free to share your designs for any season/occasion.

Happy crafting & decorating!


*NOTE: I am not an affiliate of any of the products used in this post, but I was asked to try the Hy-Lite Craft Block and share my thoughts. I did in fact enjoy using the Craft Block, and will be using it in my autumn decorating from here on out.









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