Graphic bt Shannon L. Buck via February 18, 2018.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We all do sometimes. I actually had a couple of days like that not too long ago. I also had a vacation recently, and that helped me to feel a lot less stressed and overwhelmed. It’s not easy to be successful when you’re feeling like that.

Overwhelm causes me great stress, and I’m not a fan of that. I try to take a step back when I’m feeling that way, but even I can’t do that all of the time. When I have to get things done, I find time to relax – even if it has to be later that night.

What can you do when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

  • Take a personal day. It will do wonders!
  • Take twenty minutes or so to pamper yourself. It feels great.
  • Do yoga or go for a walk.
  • Meditate, while having a facial. Put the mask on, play some nature sounds, lay down, and close your eyes for 20 minutes. Clear your mind <3
  • Color. I like using gel pens for this. The colors are vibrant.
  • If you have too much going on in your head and that is what’s causing the overwhelm, do a brain-dump. Sit down with your planning notebook (or any notebook) and get all of those thoughts down on paper.
  • Take yourself out on a picnic, near a river or a pond.

Activity: Choose one of the above to enjoy the next time you are feeling overwhelmed.

Get rid of overwhelm by taking care of yourself. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically.


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