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Ideas for the Mompreneur

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There are so many ways in which a single mom can build a successful career, from being the best damn personal care product seller to providing summer camp for the children in her neighborhood. The ideas are endless.

Are you looking for a way to build a rewarding career? One that will allow you the freedom to have time with your children as well as to earn money to support them? The list in the following article will get you started and, once read, try the activity below the article to find your own path.

This article was first published on the Single Mom Family site.


Mompreneur Possibilities


Dying to get your own business off the ground? Not sure what you want to do? Or if you have time? In this article, I’m offering up a list of possibilities for your consideration. The list is just a starter one, to get you thinking. It might be that your perfect mompreneur venture is different, and that is fine. Do what works best for you.

Your business may start out as a side hustle, but it can be turned into your main source of income if you work at it. Who knows, you might make way more money than you’re making at your day job. Give it a try!

When Skye and Zowie were young, I did a few different things to earn extra money. From selling crafts at a local store and providing childcare in my home, to writing for online entities. I sometimes had a day job as well. Other times, my main income source was in childcare or writing. I even cleaned for a few people sometimes. We didn’t have a lot of money, but we got by.

Here’s my list of mompreneur possibilities. Remember, it’s not a complete list. Just a jump-start.

Neighborhood School Walker

A school walker picks children up at their homes and brings them to school, picks them up at school and brings them home, or both. One thing to consider is how you’ll work things if you have one or more half-day students, some who go in the morning and others who attend in the afternoon.

I’d charge a flat daily or weekly rate for this, or so much each way. I’m not sure if there are any rules or laws about how many children you can walk at once.

Childcare Provider

This is more convenient, in my opinion, when done from your home rather than theirs. Children are dropped off to you, or you might be responsible for picking them up at school or dropping them off there. You can choose to only work weekdays or evenings, provide overnight care, or even only give care on specific days – such as weekends. Perhaps you want to only provide before and/or after school care, and maybe school vacation care except a few specific holidays.

You can decide what holidays you’ll have off, and vacation days.

Providing care at home means you can clean your place while the children nap, or do paperwork. You might clean the kitchen while helping with homework or directing arts & crafts time, and you’ll have a safe place for children to play outside. It also means you can prepare for activities in advance, for less work while the children are there.

Check with your city/state to find out how many children you can legally care for at once. As an example, you may be able to care for as many relatives as you like, but only 2 or 3 children at a time who are not related to you – without a license. With a license, the count would be a bit higher, depending on the age of the children.

I always preferred hourly rates for this type of care.

Freelance Writer/Blogger

This can be done from home, or anywhere else with wifi. I love writing! And I have a website for freelancers. Many people become so successful at this they can leave their day jobs behind. Right now this is more of a side hustle, earning me money here and there, but I’ve certainly had years where I’ve made thousands of dollars at it. My main focus is with books that I’m writing for the site now, and I have a few published already.

You may want to specialize in one area of expertise, or diversify. Either is fine, but I do suggest also writing a book, ecourse, and other publication, for added income. Putting these on your site and pointing people to where they are sold will boost your income. Don’t worry about starting out with a product, and take your time creating one or more.

This makes an ideal side job because you can choose how many projects you take on at once.

Story Writer

My dream job! I’ve published nine stories so far, am working on more, and even have an author site.

Are you a spinner of tales? A teller of stories? Start publishing your writing! I waited far too long to do this. I can’t even afford great covers, but I’m selling copies every so often. I’d be selling more if I was better at promotional stuff, but I’m putting forth the effort to learn. Self-publishing those old stories took some time, but I’m proud of myself for doing it. And starting to get the word out.

When my income is higher, I’ll get professional covers done. And, hopefully, I’ll be able to afford an editor. But know I’m just doing my best.

So why not try this? Write stories, edit them as well as possible, learn at least the basics of cover design, and start selling.


I can think of a few people who should be doing this but aren’t. They take gorgeous nature shots, or wonderful baby or pet photos. Are you someone with such a talent? Then why not start your own little business and grow it into a big one.

The possibilities here seem endless, from specializing in photographs taken of people at the coast, to baby pictures in your home studio. Maybe you’ll have different specialties according to the time of year.

Scrappin’ Business

Still a favorite pastime of so many people, you can run a scrappin’ business from your home, or by visiting others. You don’t need to sell scrapbooking supplies at all, but can offer classes where material costs are included, and you show them different projects from card-making to holiday scrapbook projects. Cater to the seasonal or holiday scrapper, the family scrapper, or even the small business scrapper. The ideas are endless.

And you can have so much fun with this one!

Recently I added the article The WAH Single Mom, which will also be helpful. I want to be sure I’m helping single moms in all aspects of life, including their career paths. Success is what we make of it, after all. This article will (hopefully) help you to get a start on something you’ve maybe been wanting to do for some time now: Starting your own business.

What side hustle are you thinking about?


Activity: What should your career be?

While the ideas in the article above can be used for a main career or a side hustle, what I want you to think about in this activity are careers that will sustain you through the coming years. Careers you will be excited about, and work to build to a successful level that will also allow you to enjoy time with family and friends, as well as time for yourself.

First, grab a healthy snack and a homemade fruit water. Take those, along with a new notebook or journal and pen outside on a nice day, and set yourself up in a place where you can feel relaxed, such as the table on the front porch or the lawn chair in the back yard. A picnic table at the local park is another good place.

Label your notebook or journal something along the line of My Planning Notebook. Leave the inside front cover blank to create a table of contents as you move alone in the planning notebook, and the front page for decorating how you see fit. This can be a project for another day, though.

Turn to the second sheet of paper and label it My Skills. List all the things you know how to do from editing to batch cooking to scrapbooking.

Label the third sheet of paper What I Like to Do. List things you enjoy doing, such as proofreading others’ work, freezer cooking for a month, and crafting.

Turn to the fourth sheet of paper and label that page something like Career Possibilities. On this page, begin listing the career possibilities that you could implement and acquire success with, and add a short description below each item. Do this while referring to your first two lists.

Label the next empty sheet of paper My Top Five Career Choices, and add two short lists underneath each. One for pros, and one for cons. List only the top five or so pros and cons under each.

On the next empty sheet of paper, write down your Top Three Career Choices, and write (in any order), the three choices from your list of five that really stand out at you as jobs that you would enjoy and be successful at. Remember to take into consideration the pros and cons list of each choice.

Label a sheet of paper for each of the three career titles. For example, sheet one might be Rockin’ Childcare Provider, sheet two could be The Awesome Fitness Coach, and sheet three might be Scrapbook Diva.

For each career choice, write a description and add notes on what you can do within that career. You have two pages for each career.

Then leave it alone. Go home. Do what you normally do. Over the next week, add important things that come to mind for any or all of the three choices. Talk with someone you trust about what you are doing, and what choices you came up with. Answer the question, “Why might each career option be good for me?”

In a week, go back to where you were when you started the planning notebook. Start your table of contents, decorate your front page, then read over what you wrote for each of the three career moves. Which one resonates with you the most? Gets you the most excited? Seems like it will be the best fit for your life?

Label the next sheet of paper Career Choice: _________________, and begin planning your new business!

Happy Planning!


Careers for Freelancers

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