Graphic By Shannon L. Buck via February 25, 2018.

Journaling for Success

Journaling is one of the most therapeutic things I do, along with yoga and meditation. I love to write longhand, and journaling gives me a way to do that. It also helps me to express feelings about so many things, let’s me get thoughts out of my head, and helps me to have a better outlook for my future. I use it to keep positive thoughts flowing, and to plan some things.

I can’t express enough how journaling helps me to processes happy things, successes, stress, and more.

I do something else with journaling, but not in the journals I keep. I get anger out. I write out my frustrations on pieces of paper; but these are the things I burn afterward. First, I don’t want my loved ones to read or hear about that stuff, ever. None of it’s pretty. Second, burning those written papers helps me to set that anger free, so I don’t hold on to things forever. No dwelling on the negative. I always want to move forward. (You may not want to do angry journaling and that is fine. I’m just mentioning the practice because it helps me.)

Depending on where you are in life, one or more of these prompts might be useful:

  1. Explain in detail where you want to be career-wise and financially in 5, 10, and 20 years.
  2. In what ways can you Pay it Forward?
  3. What is the most important thing you can teach a child?
  4. Is there other life out there?
  5. What is your dream career/business?

Need more ideas? Check out these:

Graphic By Shannon L. Buck via February 25, 2018.

Happy Journaling!


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