Learning to Invest in a Successful Future

Frugal is Fabulous! The road to frugality helps us cultivate a successful lifestyle. How? It allows us to make smart money decisions, further enabling us to create our own success. Who doesn’t want to be successful, right?

But first, we must learn good money practices. Admittedly, I haven’t done the best with this over the years. I’m trying to change that, and help my daughters to do so. This has been a huge financial learning year for me:

  • I’ve been doing some reading: Pogue’s Basics: Money and The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness by Bari Tessler. Both of which I highly recommend. Get yourself a library card and read them for free. If your library does not have them, implement the inter-library loan system. Your librarian will help you to get started.
  • I completed a 30 Day Money Cleanse and shared each day’s work on the Single Mom Family site.
  • I’ve done a ton of research.
  • I attended an online financial workshop put on by David Bach.
  • I’m currently reading Smart Women Finish Rich: 9 Steps to Achieving Financial Security and Funding Your Dreams, and completing The Finish Rich Workbook, both by David Bach. I’m also signed up for his free Sunday 3 Bullet newsletter.

I’m still learning, but I know far more than I did at this time last year.

One practice I’m going to implement is that of saving a dollar a day for retirement. That amount will increase as I begin earning more money, and I’ll implement more tactics as I learn.

The following short blog post, originally published on Frugal is Fabulous!, tells you about a goal I have for 2017. It’s a New Year themed step to financial security, but can be started any time. Why not start today?

New Year Goal: Finances – Research Little Ways to Invest


I wish I had enough money to invest in big ways. I wish I had enough for a retirement account. I wish, I wish, I wish… How about you?

Even though I have more money now than when the girls were growing up, I seem to have less. Does that make sense? Things cost so much more than they used to. I have less bills but pay more; less food but spend more. Doesn’t seem fair. I thought I’d be spending so much less when the girls moved out that I’d have extra money to invest. I was wrong.

I know there isn’t a lot of time left to save for retirement. If I even get to retire. Who knows? I’m hoping to, but people are working longer now than they used to. What happened to those happy golden years I used to hear about?

This year one of my financial goals is to do some research on how I might be able to invest just a little here and there. These actions may not make a huge difference for me during my retirement, but every little bit really does help. I’m not looking to break the bank or anything, just for ways where I can put away a few dollars here and there. Ways I might not really notice so much.

Do you invest in little ways? I’d like to know how this is working out for you. I’ve read about a few ways this is possible, and will be looking into those ways further. I’ll give (an) update(s) later in the year about what I learn.

Is it time for you to think about how to invest for your future?

Happy New Year!



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