Passionate. Excited. Happy. Successful.  These are things I want you to feel!

Each of us wants to live a successful life. This site is a guide that will show you different options for building your ideal career, ways to foster healthy relationships, how to live frugally as you start your success path, and what FUN creating your successful life will be. I’ll show you how to dream again, like you used to when you were young. I’ll share tips and advice that will help you to make your dreams a REALITY.

Create Your Success is a site for beginning to mid-level entrepreneurs who are looking to create their success paths.

  • Women, often single with children, who want more than what they feel life has thrown at them.
  • Women who are still wondering what the perfect career is, and how to achieve the success they desire.
  • Women with the drive to create the life they know they deserve.

It’s for those women who know what is important in all aspects of their lives, but are having a hard time to bring it all together. For those who are looking for affordable ways to do so.

Create Your Success helps you to be successful in ALL areas of life: Career, family, home, friends, and so much more. Realize that in order to be truly successful in one area, it is necessary to learn to be (at least somewhat) successful in all the big areas of life, bringing them together onto a success path that will sustain us into the future.

Do you need to quit your day job to put your full attention on creating your successful life? Of course not! You’ll do this when you are financially and emotionally ready.

I want you to feel at home here, to come back often for new information, FUN activities, worksheets, healthy lifestyle information, and more.

This site is a culmination of all my work, from writing and blog ventures to  helping others to succeed in different parts of their lives. It brings all important aspects of life together in one place, and guides you through how to Create Your Success by combining all of your passions into one ideal life for you.

What About Me?


My name is Shannon, and I’m a single mom of two amazing young adult women (Skye & Zowie), and Memay to one precious Little Man who will soon be a big brother. I raised my daughters as a single parent, and it certainly was not always easy. I did pretty well even though we didn’t have much more than the love of family and friends.

From writing little stories, poems, and little paper books to creating a magazine about nursing homes in school, it seems I’ve loved to write most of my life. I also like to plan things. I can remember, back in junior high school, having all these projects I was working on, from designing clothing for a fashion show to having the best darn orphanage in the world for all the unwanted children to go where there would be lots of fun activities for them every day. You see, I was an idea person way back then.

I’ve always been a dreamer. I still love to plan things out and write, so it is not surprising that I would choose a path that includes both. I have so many ideas in my head I wonder if I’ll ever get them all out onto paper. This site is my means of trying, and of helping you to Create Your Success!

I know I’ll never have the time to implement all these ideas, so I’m sharing them with you in hopes that least some of them will help you along your success path.

I’ve been considering some things recently, about being a successful single mom and what it means. About living a successful lifestyle, and having a successful career. And that is what I’m sharing here. My best advice for being a successful single mom and woman in a world that seems to want to bring so many single moms down.

You can be successful in all areas of life, from parenting to career options. Don’t let naysayers bring you down. Create your success!

I chose to create this site to help other single moms along their path to success. I know that each of you will have your own idea about what success is and I wanted to let each of you know that is okay! We are all at different stages in our lives, wanting to make that particular stage as successful as possible. It’s one of the things that makes us each unique. This site is here to help, at each stage throughout your life.

What I love: Friends and family, sense of community, helping others, cooking/baking, writing, free expression of the written word, reading, creating, photography, walking, nature.


I want to help each of you to Create Your Success!


Skye (my daughter) & Meme (my mom)


I remember when the girls were young, I felt I couldn’t do anything right. We had little money while they were growing up. I didn’t have a man who was consistently part of our lives for them to look up to and learn from. We lived in low-income housing until I could afford a trailer in a park. And I wasn’t able to provide them with the healthiest possible food options most of the time.

I want each reader to know that even though you may feel stuck now, there is always hope. There is a better life to work toward. I don’t want any of you to feel helpless like I did. Things will be just fine, and your children won’t hold it against you in their adulthood if they didn’t have everything handed to them on a silver platter when they were young.

I want you to be able to celebrate every little success you have, no matter how small, knowing that you are doing what is best for you. After all, this really is about you. Your children will grow up and leave home, and then you’ll be the one living your life on your own. You might as well create one you’ll love!


Let’s Create Successful Lives Together


Zowie (my daughter)

Am I exactly where I want to be?

Nope. I rent a room, literally. But I do have a job I like for the most part, and I have a dream I’m working toward; a business I’m building. I’ve learned more about cultivating healthy habits and attitudes, and I’m putting loving effort into building my future. I’m also learning about financial matters that my education never taught me.

I’m in a pretty happy place, and planning out the next (and future) chapter of my life. My girls are adults. I’m a grandmother. And I want those I love to see me succeed at the life I want, not one that someone else thinks I should have. Because I’m working toward these goals, I miss out on some things I’d like to do. But I know it will all be worth it in the end.

I want to be sure that you are in a happy place, offer up support and information where I can, and guide you to your own successful life. Be part of your team; a part of your support system.

What is Success?


Little Man (my grandson)

Success to me might be different from success is to you, and that is fine. As I mentioned, we are each different.

For me, I’m feeling pretty successful in that I have a job that pays a few dollars more than minimum wage. I earn a little (right now) from writing. And I have my own space in a house with other tenants. My room serves multiple purpose. I have my ‘bedroom’, a ‘living room’, a mini ‘kitchen’, and a small ‘office’ all combined into one large room. It works for now, while I strive to get a one bedroom place with a small kitchen and my own bathroom. I’ve slept on a couch at my sisters, and having my own space in this place is better. And I got there through hard work.

I worked my way up at the inn, starting out in housekeeping and then adding laundry to get away from cleaning rooms sometimes. At one point I was in housekeeping, laundry, and working at the front desk, all at the same time, but I’ve worked my way up to only having to work at the front desk.

The years of raising girls as frugally as possible have prepared me for this time in my life in that I make smart choices on the purchases I need to make. I know how to spend as little as possible. It helps that I live in a room, so I can’t buy much. Nowadays I prefer to spend my money on experiences anyway.

I also know more about fitness and nutrition, with weight loss being a main goal of mine. I want to be healthy; fit. Right now, this includes working toward being able to eat healthier, walking and yoga, and trying to keep my mind on the positive aspects of life. I’m not perfect, but I do try. This means more energy and positive brain power to plan for my future, and to execute those plans.

It’s important to me to stay positive in this world full of doubts and people who may try to steal your shine, your sparkle. Go for it! Be that person who stays positive.

Success is knowing my ultimate goal and working toward it. For me, this goal has changed over time, having been molded to fit who I am and what I want at my core. It includes plans for me, my family, and plans for helping others: Starting with the frugal lifestyle blogs I created years back, moving toward this site to help all of you, and growing to (hopefully) someday be helping those in need to eat healthy so they, too, can feel energized to further help themselves.

The most important thing for me to do successfully for myself is build strong relationships. Not only with my daughters and grandson, but with others I care about as well. It is about intentionally being present and cultivating all-important relations with the people I’m closest too, finding my soul mate and building a strong relationship with him, and building a relationship with each person I try to help in some way, including each of you.

What is success to you?


My Goals for Helping You to Create Your Success


  1. To show that, with a certain amount of work, work-life balance is achievable.
  2. To guide you through the process to Create Your Success.
  3. To provide you with a plethora of ideas for creating a successful career or side hustle; or both.
  4. To remind you of what is truly important in life, and helping you to feel excited about whatever that is for you.
  5. To show you that helping others is a worthy activity, and should be practiced no matter what your current circumstances are.
  6. To provide you with activities and resources to help you along your success path.


Helping You to Create Success


This site is here to serve. Visit again and again for new information, guidance, and motivation specifically geared toward helping you to Create Your Success. What does your heart desire? Follow along as I help you to figure this out, and to build a life you will be passionate about.

We are never truly stuck, we’re just waiting for our minds and hearts to come together in a way that will lead us down the path to creating our own versions of success. We can each be successful in a meaningful way, whether we are concentrating on our home life, business, parenting, community, or another aspect of life.

We can take it a step at a time changing one area of life so we don’t feel overwhelmed, or jump in with both feet and take on the world!

I will show you the process for success in all aspects of life. How to pull your life together. Figure out what is right for you at this point in your life. How to live a full life.


I’m an Idea Person


That’s right. I love to sit around planning new and exciting things for myself. I love giving others ideas about how they can do bigger and better things. I just love to plan. If I could figure a way to earn from that talent that I could consider fun and exciting, I would concentrate on that.

Oh, wait! My plan is to do some of that here. ;-D And to show you how to do this type of thing for yourself. I want to share with you all of my ideas, my plans, and more. I want to help you to be successful in all aspects of your life. I hope you can use some of that in your life.


Great Practices for Success!


  • Check this site over thoroughly.
  • Visit the links you’ll find throughout the site.
  • Check out the books offered on the site. You’ll find them in different places here over time but, to begin, there is a book offer at the end of some of the articles.


A Few Success Articles to Get You Started


Copyright Shannon L. Buck. Brainstorm for Success

While I usually brainstorm by myself, I have found benefit in doing so with others on occasion. In this article, you’ll learn how your bestest can help you to brainstorm your success path, and how you can help her do the same.

Use this article as a springboard for brainstorming with others. Maybe your mom is looking to start a business too, or your teen or adult child wants to give it a try. You can brainstorm with anyone you have a mutually beneficial relationship with.

Copyright Shannon L. Buck, Ideas for the Mompreneur

Are you having problems deciding on your success path? You’re not alone. It’s a big decision. Not just any path will work. You’ll need one that matches with your lifestyle, your personality. One that you will enjoy working at, since you’ll be building it up in ways that benefit you now and in the future.

What will you choose? A home daycare? A home improvement business? Maybe a baked goods one? The options are endless, but this article will give you ideas to start the search for the perfect success path.

Copyright Shannon L. Buck. Expand Your Career

Perhaps you’re already on your success path, but you’re looking to expand in order to take advantage of one or more money opportunities. Good for you!

While this newsletter issue deals with fiction, the lessons taken from it, and the FUN activity at the end, will work for any career choice. You can always expand, so try out those ideas. Some wont work, but some will. You wont know if something will work without a plan. Find what works best for your success path.

Copyright Shannon L. Buck Downtime & Success

I am a firm believer in downtime. If you don’t take time away from work, you will burn out and be less productive, therefore earning less and not enjoying your success path as much.

It’s time to begin thinking about how you’ll incorporate downtime into your routine. Spend time by yourself, with your children, with extended family, and with your friends. Have FUN time! Relax. Take care of you. Do what you have to do to stay productive and earn to your fullest potential. You deserve it!