Photograph copyright Shannon L. Buck, April 2018.

My Personal Business Meeting & Journal

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I’ve mentioned recently about the business meetings I hold with myself, and the journal I have for this purpose. Along with my planner and project journals, this meeting journal helps me to get things done! Success cannot happen if you aren’t accomplishing what needs to be done, and the planner and journals I create help me to do just that.

I got the idea for these meetings from Chloe Adlinton, and went with it. I think she had her meeting weekly or bi-weekly, but I am doing mine monthly. I’ve been having these meetings with myself for more than a year now, and they are really helping me.

Almost without fail, I have these monthly meetings at Aroma Joe’s. It’s a quick walk up the street from me, and they have wonderful mint and chai teas for me to enjoy while I’m meeting with myself.

I ordered the journal on Amazon for $10.99. It has a hard cover and 340 lined pages. Lots of space for meeting notes. I just checked, and they still have journals at $11.99 with prime membership. I love them because they are sturdy, and they come with the attached ribbon bookmark. The only downside is that you don’t get to choose the cover art – notice the interesting one I ended up with. LOL

The very first thing I did was create a list of goals for the year. The second picture above is the 2018 goals. As you can see below, at the beginning of each monthly meeting I go back to this yearly goal list and mark off any items I have accomplished, and I make notes on items I have at least started.

Photograph copyright Shannon L. Buck, April 2018.

I love the yearly goal lists. The second thing I do during a meeting is go back and read through the entire list of what is left on that goals list. At the end of the year I may not have finished every single item but I always put a good dent in the list. If something did not get finished, it is reevaluated.

Next I date the next empty page in the journal. I look back over what I accomplished/not, or at least started, from the previous week. Any started-but-not-finished projects will get moved to the new month. Anything not started yet is reevaluated, and added to the new month if I decide it’s still important.

I have a series of things I ask myself and/or note every month, and I keep them in the same order. I want to know things like:

  • What I consider my successes since my last meeting. (Ex: Publishing a new story. Creating an article series for this site.)
  • Whether or not there is anything that is not working for me. (Ex: The blogs I have decided to let go this year.)
  • Anything I want to stop doing. (EX: Negative self-talk.)
  • What I will when I’m feeling stuck or overwhelmed. (Ex: Yoga, meditation, and/or go for a walk.)
  • What goals from the yearly goals list I want to concentrate on during the month. (Ex: Publish the short story You Don’t Know Me.)
  • What other things I need to do. (Ex: Take a break! Go have lunch with my daughter.)
  • How I’m feeling about my business. (Ex: So good now that I’ve let no-longer-important things go.)
  • And I have a space at the end for notes. (Ex: Make time for an extra long walk each week this month. Spring is here!)


Photograph copyright Shannon L. Buck, April 2018.

I write honestly in this journal, even if something isn’t pretty. My attitude toward my business, and life itself, is important to my success, as your attitude is to yours. Positive thinking is essential!

This process always takes less than an hour, but it keeps me clear on what I’m doing. I also bring my planner and my project journals (more about these in a later post) with me on these meeting days. I look through my project journals to decide what I’m doing for each site and blog for the month, and this helps me with the goals before my next meeting section. And once I’m done with my meeting journal, I record things I plan to do during the month in my planner, spreading them out over a four- or five-week period ,and then noting when my next meeting will be.

That’s it. I’ve been having these meetings for more than a year now and I’m still doing them religiously. I’m really learning to be more organized in ways that work for me. You can too!

Activity: Choose a sturdy journal or a binder system, and start having meetings with yourself. Enjoy tea or coffee, and maybe some dark chocolate, while you’re filling in the pages of your journal. Note how often you will have the meetings and understand you may adjust this over time. (I started out weekly, but it just wasn’t working for me.) After you’ve had your first few meetings, that do not necessarily have to be the same as mine, consider how you are feeling after each. You may not use other journals and your planner with your system. Do what works for you.

Happy planning!


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