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Personal Days = More Success

When I opened my planner to this week, a note indicating I needed some time off was right there for me to see. A reminder for me to schedule myself a personal day. I took a look at the next couple of weeks, conversed with my daughter Skye, and decided to schedule for February 14th. No, I don’t have a date with Mr. Right, or even Mr. Possibly. It’s just going to be a personal day. These days are important when we are building success.

What will I be doing? Well, the plan is to sleep until I wake naturally, get up and pack an overnight bag after I prepare for my day, and head to Bangor late afternoon. I’m planning to spend the night at Skye’s, and bringing along some Ployes mix. (Not an affiliate link. We just love the stuff!) We don’t have any big plans. Just hanging out.

Personal Days are Important

A personal day allows your body and mind the chance to get away from work for a bit, ultimately helping your business along by allowing you to decompress so your mind will clear and bring forth new or expansive ideas.

Take these days to destress, not run around in a frenzy to get the errands caught up and to clean, clean, clean. Do relaxing things and/or fun stuff. Some ideas for your personal day include:

  • Waking up naturally.
  • Sipping tea while reading a book in the morning.
  • Going for a walk with a friend.
  • Taking your mom out to lunch.
  • Soaking in a hot tub before ordering dinner and settling in for a (your favorite television show) marathon.
  • Taking a drive to the coast to take pictures of the scenery.

What do you know you will enjoy? What do you find yourself wishing you had time to do when you are extra busy working on your business?

When to Take a Personal Day

It’s a really good idea to schedule personal days for three or four times a year. I suggest doing this at the beginning of the year. I actually do have those four personal days scheduled at one day per every three months, because I live by this practice.

Just because you have your days scheduled for the year does not mean you might not need another day here and there. How do you know when you need an extra personal day?

  • You are feeling extra stressed.
  • You just completed a huge project that took a lot of your time and energy.
  • You have been feeling sick or run-down.

There may be other circumstances where you need to take a personal day, such as a family emergency, the death of a friend, or another unforeseen event.

I don’t get Paid to Take Personal Days

Right, but this can be built into your fees. In order to cover personal days, retreats, and vacation days, you charge a little more for your products and services. The formula will depend highly on your particular business, but it can be done.

Say you are getting ready to sign contracts with three companies for some work you will be doing. You know you have a week where you will not be working, and are figuring out how much to charge to cover it. The time period is for three months; roughly thirteen weeks. You’ve been at this business for over a year, and know that you average about $500.00 per week, 30% of which goes directly into an account to cover taxes. You want a one week vacation mid-way through the three-month period to take your children to camp, meaning you will only work about twelve weeks.

When deciding on what to charge the clients, figure that you will be paid for thirteen weeks rather than twelve. Be sure that between the three companies you are earning at least $6,500 for that three month period – more if possible. Also be sure, in your contract, you stipulate you will be unavailable for those dates, that you set your vacation notification in your email account, and that you get ahead on any work that should be done during that time – though if your scheduling things out well you shouldn’t have to worry about this last item.

Now that you have an idea of what to do, you can see where it will actually be easier to get paid for that personal day. One day, after all, is far less than a week. If you set it all up in advance, you’ll already be earning the money for that day, and you wont have anything needing your attention during that time.

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Yes, you do get paid for the personal day. Yay!

Take that personal day ladies. You deserve it! You will be more successful for it and, if you are organized enough you will not have any problems letting things sit for a day and then jumping right back in the next day.





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