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Promote Your Business for Success

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There are a good many ways to promote your business. I gave you a few ideas for how to do this in my short post 20 Minutes of Promotion to Create Your Success. There are many other ways to do so, and I’d like to discuss a few with you today.

Promoting your business takes time, on top of what you are already doing. It’s best to carve that time out of your schedule right from the start. Take a little time to research what promotional ideas you should try first, and plan out how to accomplish them.

  • When the girls were teenagers I did a few things to earn a little extra cash here and there. I incorporated The Mom Pack into those efforts. What I would do is ask other moms to send me brochures or other things that they were using to promote their businesses. I’d invest in small gift bags and fill them with the items from those moms, as well as my own promotional item. These I would hand out to others, and include in the boxes of used school supplies I would sell online. (I homeschooled my daughters.) I would also send those women who contributed to my Mom Packs my own promotional items. This was helpful in getting the word out in other states about what I was doing.
  • I also used to leave business cards in restaurants, along with the tip. This helps to spread the word about what you are doing locally, as well as while you are away from home. You could also leave them with tips at hotels.
  • Word of mouth is a great, and free, way to get the word out about your business. Ask friends and family to help you out with this, and do the same for them in return.
  • Ask your happy customers/clients to spread the word about you and your business. They can do so by talking with people, or going on social media. Or even on their blog or website. They can also mention you when people they know are asking for recommendations.
  • Hand out flyers or business cards at local, non-competing, places of business. Post them on community bulletin boards at stores, the library, and the local post office.
  • Buy ad space in your child’s yearbook, if the school offers that.
  • Does your local news station offer the use of ads to businesses within their area? If so, take advantage by adding your business name, address or phone number, and/or website.
  • Do the local churches allow business people from the area to buy ad space in their newsletters? You should not have to be a member to utilize this.
  • Donate a product or two to a community auction. Place your business card, a flyer, or a brochure in the package. A bonus is that when the auctioneer describes your product he will say the business name or your name, so you actually reach more people.

Activity: Take out your planning notebook and brainstorm ways to promote your business. Make a column for promotional ideas that would be free, another for mid-priced ways, and another for higher priced ideas. Try to incorporate ways from each column, but don’t overdo. Get used to using one idea, then add another.

I hope this list helped to give you a few ideas, or at least provided a springboard for generating your own. Please share one of your own promotional ideas in the comments.

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