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Reassess Goals or Change Direction for Success

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June is the mid-year mark and a great time to reassess our goals. Our success depends on what we do at this time. (Don’t worry if you haven’t gotten to this point yet, just make note of what to do at your six-month mark.)

At the end of last year and beginning of this year I sat down with myself on a number of occasions to figure out exactly what I wanted to accomplish this year, and now I’m sitting down to see what I have actually done and decide what to move forward with.

One of the first things I decided on back then was my word for the year, believe.

“I believe I can do this! That I can achieve my dreams. I believe in myself, and my ability to be successful – whatever that may mean to me at any given time. I believe in my ability to get things done. I believe I’ll acquire the means to have what I want. I believe in me!”

I still believe in me, and that this is the best word-of-the-year I could have chosen. I’m working toward my dreams and am getting (important) things done.

So far this year I am far more organized, having stuck with my meetings with myself and using my planner. I’m almost done organizing my files into past, present, and future boxes, and my administrative days are a huge help in getting things done that I don’t always think about.

I’m keeping the right mindset, staying positive even during the rough days, and taking the occasional break so as not to feel overwhelmed.

I am also sticking to a promotional schedule.

As for this site, I’ve written some pretty epic posts and grown my readership quite a bit. (Happy dance!) And I created a newsletter, Notes from Shannon, for a more personal touch and to keep you updated on all of the important things I am doing. (See the sidebar to sign up today!)

I have also kept up with my publishing schedule for my fiction, getting five stories up on Amazon, with another six to go for this year. My library has grown by leaps and bounds over the last year!  I’ve written one novella, and am working on another. I am sooo proud of myself. Oh, and my facebook page seems to be doing well, but I could use some more likes over there. If you read fiction, head on over and like the page. It’s a relatively new page, but I share a decent amount over there that you don’t see everywhere else.

Being on track with my major goals feels good! I don’t think I need to make any changes to what I’m doing. I’m progressing nicely. I’ll save big changes for next year, and continue to grow things as I have been.

Activity: Reassess your goals for the year. Ask yourself:

  • What is working?
  • What isn’t working?
  • What can be done about what isn’t working?
  • Do I need to let anything go in order to be successful in another area?
  • Do I need to change direction in any area?

How did you do?



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