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Success – Making Time for Your Passions

Are you taking time for yourself? If you’re not used to doing so, this may seem like a foreign concept to you. To be a success, you must be making time for your passions. They are important, and you should concentrate on them.

What passions? Well, that depends on you. I love writing. So much so, that I have this site as well as others, and I write fiction. In fact, there is hardly a day goes by that I am not writing something. I also love walking, being outside, and taking pictures, and I get crafty sometimes.

Some of you may enjoy making jewelry, cards, or scrapbooking. Perhaps you work with wood, or love to hike. Or maybe you like to fish or kayak or bake. Whatever your passion, it’s time you set aside some time to enjoy it.

Benefits of making time for your passions

There are definite benefits to making time for the things you love, including:

  • Being less stressed.
  • Being happier and more positive.
  • Being more relaxed.
  • Possibly creating a career/side hustle that you love that involves spending time on your passion.

Each is a great reason to get started today.

Activity: Take out your planning notebook and write down your dearest passions. Then decide on one or two that you will incorporate into your life more often. Set aside some time in your planner or on your calendar to concentrate on those passions.


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