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Successful Administrative Days

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We’ve been discussing how scheduling and taking certain types of days off can help with success. I’ve told you about my vacation, personal days, personal retreats, and business retreats. Today I thought we could cover the administrative day.

Some people have these once a week, others once a month or even quarterly. I try to get in half a day once a week, and a whole day monthly. Set yours up in a way that will help you to get necessary things done.

There are specific things I always do on my administrative days, but your list of to-do’s might be different from mine because each person and each business is different. These are the things I do:

Weekly Administrative Day

Half day

End of week

  • weekly financials
  • meeting with myself
  • organize files
  • 20 minutes of promotion
  • dust my desk
  • check my planner for the coming week
  • emails
  • stats for previous month (first week only)

Monthly Administrative Day

Full day – done in place of a half day

End of month

  • monthly financials
  • meeting with myself
  • quarterly financials when it is time
  • yearly financials when it is time
  • filing
  • 20 minutes of promotion
  • dust my desk
  • check that months planner for completeness
  • schedule anything I’m not getting to for the next month
  • check planner for coming week and month
  • organize desk drawer
  • organize papers
  • emails
  • brain dump (any ideas needing to be written down)
  • anything else that crops up

I like to start my administrative days by taking care of myself. I wake slowly, do some stretches, and walk to Aroma Joe’s for a tea and breakfast. There I work conduct a meeting with myself and do my financials, check my planner, and get the 20 minutes of promotion out of the way. Then I go home for lunch, and do whatever else needs doing.

It’s all pretty straight forward. At another time, I’ll let you in on what I do for these:

  • My planning day.
  • My meetings with me.
  • My weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly financials.
  • My 20 minute promotional stuff.

Administrative Day Ideas

Like I said above, your administrative day will likely look different from mine. We would all like to know what yours looks like if you care to share. If you don’t currently have these days, it might be a good idea to start. Here are some things you might do. This is not an exhaustive list.

  • update website(s) – behind the scenes
  • invoices
  • next day’s to-do
  • business related phone calls
  • order/pick up supplies
  • mailings
  • spruce up the office
  • take out trash
  • scheduling

Activity: Sit down with your planner or calendar and a pen, decide how often you need an administration day and for what, and schedule these days for the remainder of the year.

Happy administrating!



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