Graphic By Shannon L. Buck via February 25, 2018.

A Successful Business Retreat

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During my vacation from my ‘day job’, I had a couple of personal retreat days, an administration day, and a business retreat day. Each of these types of days are helping me to create my success. Today I want to discuss the business retreat.

Many people think that a retreat involves more than one person – usually a group of some size. But that’s not always the case. My business retreats center around me and my business. If I had a team I’d do a separate retreat with the people in it, but I would still have my own personal retreats.

Why? Because I get a good amount of stuff done. Things I don’t think about doing each day. As an example, I’ll let you in on what I did during the above mentioned business retreat day.

First, I took a little time in the morning to enjoy breakfast and tea while reading some of book 2 of the Morgan Dane series by Melinda Leigh. I’m loving this series, and am going to continue along with it. I then did some yoga, before starting work.

Next I went over my writing and blog goals. My goal when doing this is to be sure I am on track with things. I also reevaluate: If I no longer wish to continue with something, it is taken off the list. If my goals have changed, I make sure the list reflects the new goals.

Once that was done, I sat down with another cup of tea, a piece of paper, and a pen, and thought about what things were not working for me. I listed these items, and noted how I could switch things up to see if I could make them work better. If those ideas don’t work, I will give myself permission to scrap the items.

After lunch I took out my site journals; one for each blog and website. I added anything I could think of to each blog, that I might want to do for each venue. Possible article series, ebooks, and other projects, ways to make the sites look better, and worksheet ideas I’ve been considering.

And then I sat down with another cup of tea and added some creative promotional ideas I’d come up with to my fiction and nonfiction promotional plans I keep in Google Docs.

A business retreat can be one day, or multiple days. Whatever works best for what you need to get done. I like to end my retreat days with a little pampering. For instance, a deep hair conditioning while showering and a facial. Then I read.

Business Retreat Ideas

  • order in meals
  • brainstorm ideas for business
  • walk while recording ideas
  • work on financials
  • journal about what to do for business
  • journal about feelings about business
  • take notes on upcoming projects
  • start and complete a business related project

Journaling Ideas – Create Success

Click on the picture for journaling ideas geared toward

creating a successful business.

Graphic By Shannon L. Buck via February 25, 2018.

Activity: Schedule your business retreat on your calendar or in your planner. Make a list of anything you need to buy to get things done during that time, and then go shopping!

Have a successful retreat!


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