Photograph by Shannon L. Buck, copyright January 2018.

Successfully Strengthen Bonds with Children

I posted an article to the Single Mom Family blog about a year ago in regards to instituting a family fun nights! And I still believe that is a great thing to do in order to strengthen family bonds. No matter what, family comes first. We raise children to understand that we need to earn a living and take care of things, that we do need a break ourselves sometimes, but that they are always the most important part of our lives. Loyalty and commitment to family is so important, and we teach children this by letting them see us showing these things ourselves.

Good communication is also important, and we can start to reinforce this at the earliest of ages. Cuddling with babies while talking to them, taking time each day to listen to toddlers and preschoolers chatter way, and holding real conversations at the dinner table, are just a few of the ways to teach our children great communication skills.

These things, and others, generate an appreciation for other family members and open doors to what is really going on inside our children’s minds. Not to mention the fact that you can have so much fun while hanging out with your children. What activities can you do while strengthening these important bonds? That is what this article (and the one on the other blog – check it out) are really about. Giving you ideas for fun things that you can do together while bonding.

  • Stargazing is such a good way to strengthen bonds. Sitting on the porch or lying on a blanket spread out on the grass, while taking in the night sky, has a way of opening minds to new opportunities and wonderment.
  • Taking turns reading on a rainy afternoon, from a book the whole family can enjoy. When not reading, family members can color, draw, build with Lego’s, or play with paper dolls until it is their turn.
  • Baking or cooking meals together.
  • Preparing school lunches for the next day together.
  • Washing dishes together.
  • Gardening can be fun, and you can talk while teaching them why you grow certain things.
  • Taking a walk in the woods, by the river, or on the beach provides more time for chatting.
  • Going to camp as a family. Fishing, hiking, and other activities are wonderful things you can do as a family.
  • Trips to the playground are great fun.
  • Crafting is a fun thing to do while hanging out. Keep a box of arts and crafts supplies at the ready.

And there are so many other things you will all enjoy as a family. Why not sit down together and make a list of some fun things you can each come up with.


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