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Vacations = More Success

Vacations are grand. Starting tomorrow I will have a 10-day vacation from my job at the Inn. I have some plans set up, but I will be doing a number of things during that time period. I’ll be having fun, but I will also be getting some of my own business stuff done. I’m just tweaking everything so I can have plenty of downtime; lots of time to myself. Normal vacations last a week, so I am taking that into consideration when deciding work and down days.

Taking a vacation helps give your mind and body a break from daily work, allowing your mind to clear and potentially giving it a chance to generate new ideas. Vacations are important for business, as well as for you personally, and can help to relieve stress. I am definitely in need of a vacation!

The frequency and length of your vacation will depend on the work you do and your personality. Some people cannot thrive taking a long vacation. They need the structure of their work day. Three or four days may be long enough for such a person, and that is fine.

Other people might need to have a vacation that lasts five or more days. Perhaps they need the first day to just relax and recoup from their job or business, then a day or two for household task and to run errands. They may not even be able to relax until certain things are done. Still others want to go away, so they take as long as they can without falling behind.

I managed ten days off because of my work schedule. I work 40 hours in four days every week, having three days off from the day job every week. (This works out great for my writing!) So two sets of three days and one set of four days worked out well for me. If I worked a normal five-day week, I would have only gotten nine days off.

What will my vacation days from the Inn look like?

  • Monday is always a lazy day for me, because I work sixteen hours each Sunday. The same will be true for my first day of vacation, but the next Monday I will actually have the energy to do something. So, the first day of vacation will find me calling my mom and heading to Aroma Joe’s to work on the new book I am writing. I plan to watch the new episodes of The Walking Dead, pamper myself, and either watch movies or episodes of Numb3rs. There may or may not be some reading involved in my day. NOTE: I do not consider writing a book work. It is too much fun to be work.
  • I am planning two one-day personal retreats that are going to be mega awesome! I’m thinking about getting into reading a new fiction book, maybe to start a series. I’ll also be treating my hair because of dryness, doing facials, pampering my feet, and whatever else I can think of. They will be relaxing days for sure. I might not even actually get dressed. During these days, I will also go through my bucket list notebooks, making note of things I have accomplished and giving descriptions.
  • I will have an administration day. On this day I’ll do a number of things, including having my monthly meeting with myself at Aroma Joe’s with a big cup of chai tea. I plan to start a financials journal as well. I’m also going to organize some files and do other office tasks.
  • And a business retreat day so I can do some planning for each of my blogs and sites, go over my goals, decide if anything isn’t working for me, and (hopefully) come up with a list of promotional things to do for my fiction writing.
  • I will spend some mornings at Aroma Joe’s working more on the new fiction book I’m writing.
  • I’ll walk when the weather is nice enough, and take pictures while I am out there.
  • I even have plans with others, such as an evening shopping for my granddaughter with the bestest, and an afternoon hanging with my daughter Skye. I’m hoping for a meal out with another friend, and some time with my mother. And I have other plans as well.

Notice how I’m only allowing for a couple of days of business related things? I’m doing that intentionally, and I think I have a pretty good mix of plenty of downtime and a little bit of business time. (Of course, this means I’ve been working extra hard this weekend on the other things I would have done during my vacation.)

I’m pretty excited.

How many vacations should you take a year?

Again, this depends on you. I’ll have another vacation later in the year – but I am only pulling this off because of a glitch at the home office of the Inn where I work that caused them not to realize that we were all supposed to be having more vacation time last year. They are having us take it during the first quarter of this year instead.

I’m not saying that everyone should take time during their vacation to work on anything business related, but that does open up other possibilities. A girl could work three mornings a week while taking some extended time at a resort, or do two days off offline writing/typing a week so she can have two weeks at camp with her family.

What will your next vacation look like?




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