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What Chapter are You on along Your Path to Success? + Worksheets

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In this first part of the Your Chapter success series, we are going to consider where we are along our paths to success. Watch for part two next week.

Each of us is at a different place in our successful lives. Some are just beginning, others have been working for a year or more at creating their success, and still others are pros needing to make just a few tweaks to be where they ultimately want to be. Where ever you are, know that you are where you’re supposed to be right now, and are ready to move onto the next level. I want to help each one of you via this site.

Who am I? Well, my name is Shannon. I’m a single mom of two amazing young women whom I still want to be a good influence on. Skye and Zowie are my life. I’m Memay to an amazing Little Man who is 2 1/2, and will be a big brother this coming summer! A Front Desk Agent at an Inn, I’m also the author of fiction and non fiction eBooks, and I own a number of websites geared toward helping others along their way to a frugal, successful lifestyle. I love to walk, take pictures, and craft. I’m trying to create a successfully healthy lifestyle, and love to spend time with family and friends. I am a strong, independent woman who wants desperately to help as many people as possible.

Am I where I want to be? Not exactly. I want to someday be earning a full income through my creative ventures and helping others in a big way. I want to live self-sufficiently, and I want to use my (future) land to provide a stepping stone toward a better future for those in need. I’m working on getting there, though I’m not sure the exact steps to take yet. I also want to be able to retire comfortably. Who doesn’t, right?

So here I am, somewhere at the beginning of the middle, pushing through the challenges of life and wanting others to join in; to create their own successful lives. I want to be an inspiration to you; to help you along the way. Follow along, and see what happens, as I add content to this site, give freebies that will help you to be successful, and provide you with products that will give that necessary push in the right direction.

Let me help you now, before you are left wondering what you could have done differently. Or as you realize you missed something integral along the way.

The first thing we’ll do is evaluate where we are along our paths to success with the complimentary worksheets I’m providing below, but first I want to tell you what the worksheets are really about – and what they aren’t about.

First, they aren’t about beating ourselves up about our past or present circumstances. They are about picking out what does and does not work for us, continuing what does, and letting go of what doesn’t. They’re about recognizing our successes, even if they are just small ones.

How to complete the worksheets

  1. Either print the worksheets to add to your planning binder, or write the answers (when we get to that step) into your journal.
  2. Read this article.
  3. Read over the worksheets.
  4. Take time to think about each section of the worksheets before answering. Do this by grabbing a cup of tea (or coffee), your binder or journal and a pen, and heading to comfortable place to sit, relax, and spend some time reflecting on your past and present life circumstances in relation to the sections of the worksheets.
  5. Answering the questions, using the information below, embracing what has worked and letting go of what hasn’t.
  6. Reflecting on your answers while waiting for the next article and worksheets in the series.

You’re not being graded. No one is going to see your work unless you want them to. I’m here to help, if you need me to. Just comment on the post. If you live near Orono, Maine, we can have a meet-up. Let me know what you need, so I can see if there is any way I can help.


Consider where you’ve been


We have many trials while growing up and coming into our young adult lives; and there are more to come. Some trials are easier to get through than others, but it is important to realize what lessons and/or skills we’ve learned from them so far. Were you abused as a child? Then you may have learned to be strong; to survive. Have important people let you down throughout your life? Then you likely learned to be independent. Were you overweight and it took you years to figure out what works best for you as far as weight loss goes, only to realize you couldn’t afford to always keep up with the healthier eating habits – so you keep having setbacks? It’s likely you are now learning tricks to help yourself stay on track as much as possible, be it wiser shopping habits or finding the means to continue via a side hustle.

Consider all the things that have come easy to you over the years, what you used to enjoy, and the things you learned you did not like.


Consider where you are


Are you a single low income-mom of small children, on welfare and wondering what you can possibly do to change your circumstances? A mom supporting her children on her own with two or three part-time jobs, who never seems to be able to get ahead? A mom of teenagers, who works a full-time job with crappy benefits and not enough pay, considering what her future holds and how she’s going to ever be able to take a vacation, travel, and retire comfortably? A woman with grown children, wondering what to do now, and how to set herself up for retirement?

Are you in a job you hate, or simply can’t afford to stay in? Wondering what educational path is best for you; and whether or not that education needs to come from costly college/university courses?

Are you at a healthy weight for you? Are you fit? Do you have ample energy to take on what you know you need to do to be a success?

Are you living within your means? Or wondering how you can learn to do so in order to get out of debt?

Are your children being raised to be responsible, loving adults who respect others?

Are you doing things you enjoy; not only what needs to be done to survive? Are you spending time with family and friends you enjoy being with?

By answering the questions in the worksheets, you’ll learn exactly what chapter of life you are in, so you can work toward getting to the next chapter.


Thank you for following along with me, and remember to check out parts two and three of this article series at: